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Gallery TIPS!

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Posted 09 September 2007 - 08:41 AM

We have pinned this thread in order for all JT Members that have personal Galleries along with Members that view them, to share knowledge for ease of navigation and use.

In the Help section of JeepTalk we have a topic called:
Using the Gallery
Which is a quick overview of the features in our Gallery and how to access them.
Another big help is the actual main thread: Jeep Talk Gallery

Those of you that use the Gallery please use this section for listing your tips.
The other JeepTalk Gallery thread will be use for help with using the Gallery, Changes, Updates, Features, etc.

Gallery Slideshow
When a Member wants to view a particular Personal Album in a SlideShow manner I have found this to be the most pleasing way of doing without having the JT skin reload each time.

1. Go to the Album that you wish to view as a SlideShow (not the individual picture).
2. Click on the SlideShow Tab.
3. Menu will come up, choose 3 seconds and place a check in the box;
"Do Not Show Forum Header/Footer?"

Try it and you will see how nice the transition is. If you wish to view more than 3 seconds than choose whatever time you wish to delay.

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  Posted 09 September 2007 - 09:13 AM


I have one that's important. I keep a personal hosted Album and this will also apply to any album on the web.

In order for you to conserve space to your account, crop and upload the pics in 640x480.
When you do this, do not overwrite your original picture and do a "save as" giving the resize picture another name.

I really like the new Lightbox feature on the JT Gallery that shows a larger image of the medium image when you hover over it and click on it.
This is really classy. :lol:

If you wish to load a larger picture (just because it is really nice to see the larger one), do so in 800x600 or 1024x768 but no larger. I prefer the 800x600. As you upload the larger picture, the JT Gallery will automatically create a medium size 640x480 so there is no need to resize or upload twice.

JT Members that I see having larger pics & larger files already uploaded on your albums. You can erase the pictures and re upload the resize ones.

I would like to request of Pete if he can post the resize tool and the procedure he uses. :cool1:
I saw him do this on the other Gallery thread and it would really be nice to have this here for the posting newbies on a step by step.

This question is so often asked it's not funny. There is another tool I think that is listed in the Help Tab under posting pictures that also resizes.
Posted Image Posted Image
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Posted 24 September 2007 - 09:42 AM

Do not show similar multiple pictures of an obstacle or crossing of the same subject. This will conserve on your Gallery space.
Example: If you have 4 pictures of the same subject doing something, remember it is not a movie. Show only 1, max 2 of your better shot.

It is nice to be able to see the bigger shot on the Lightbox from the medium shot. This means that your upload pictures size is 800x600. On some pictures that you think do not merit the larger size (posting a tech pic, repeated phots, etc), upload only the 640x480 to save space.

When you create a new Album, make sure that you look at the drop down menu box and choose the name of the correct Category which should be your Jeep Talk Member name.

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Posted 10 September 2009 - 07:46 AM

Tip #6

Premium Members with Galleries have also a way to upload and attach files (in other format as well as image) to Postings and Private Message.

But... Premium Members mistakenly think that uploading (or linking) an attachment image file on a Post is the same as posting a picture for everyone to view, it is not. If you upload an image picture file to a Post, it is not the same as uploading a picture to your personal Gallery and linking to a Post.

Here is why:
Only Premium Members can view your upload attachment of an image picture files to a post, while all Non Premium Members can not see your image. Since uploading (attachment) an image file to a post can only be retrieved or seen by a handful, it is best to upload a picture that you are trying to show on a Post to your JeepTalk Gallery first and then link that picture to the post. Everyone will be able to see it.

Uploading a file to your personal space takes up room that no one will ever see. If you wish to clear out your space, go to your Member Panel under Manage your Attachments. There you can delete all that you have attached in all the postings and clear up the space to your JeepTalk Gallery that everyone can see. Hope it helps.

Uploading a file attachment can be retrieved by a non Premium Member only by Private Message (not anywhere else) if a Premium Member sends it, not vise versa. Attached files server a temporary purpose in that if someone needs a file, a Premium Member can send it to them by Private Message. After, they can delete the file through their personal Member Panel once it's no longer needed.


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