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JT Warning Guidelines

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Posted 31 October 2007 - 08:11 AM

Guidelines that Moderators will follow with regards to Official Warnings.

If you have had a warning level raise, please keep track of when it was given and after the appropriate amount of time you may contact (Post on this thread or Private Message) a Moderator that you would like for them to make a decision whether or not to lower the level.

A Member could very well get more than one warning for the continuation of an original offense.
Members should keep in mind that "most" "Official" warnings to their account usually come after unofficial warnings.

Once a Member reaches 5 "Official" Warnings they will be suspended from posting on JT for One month.
If it continues you might as well be banned because you probably don't belong on this forum or any other.

Warnings will expire after:
1. One month: Vulgar/explicit words
2. One month: Post Padding.
3. One month: Repeatedly Being Off topic.
4. Six months: Disregard to moderator/admin. Being confrontational on a post to any Jeep Talk Member.
5. Six months: Continuous repeated offenses of 1, 2, & 3.
6. If a Member continues for the same reason or has multiple warnings within a 90 period, warnings will not be removed and timeline will not apply.

Members are responsible to notified a Moderator to have their Warnings removed from their Member account after the require time if #6 does not apply.
The above may be changed at any time to conform with the Guidelines of JeepTalk.

We have the option of Screening New Topics and Posts for any Member before they actually post on JT. It is up to the Moderator to either approve or delete the topic or post. If the post is approved it will post at time of approval. Keep in mind that post will only be seen until a Moderator can actually get to it. Another option we have is to Block a Member from posting entirely by temporarily suspending their user account for a period of time.

"When" the "Warning Level" is turned on for a JT Members to see, it will be displayed on the left pane under "Member No" ("Gallery" if you have one). If you have a warning you may view by hovering with a click of a mouse. You may contact a Moderator to have some of these warnings removed if the warnings are not of a repeat offence. Do not waste a Moderators time in trying to plea a case to have your warnings removed that do not fall under these listed guidelines.

Note: A member can only see their own Warning Level, they can not see anyone else's warning level.
If you click on the % sign of the warning level bar, window pops up with notes of any current or removed warnings.
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