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WWII Cadences

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Posted 26 December 2005 - 11:06 PM

WWII Cadences

I told old Ike from time to time
He ain't putting my a$$ on that front line.
We are moving on.
Hear the clatter of thunder and the
patter of feet.
Its the seven eight double deuce in
the full retreat.
We are moving on.
Smell the powder of the guns and the roar of shells
If one hits me i'll sure go to hell.
I am moving on.
I was moving slow and I was moving last.
Till a piece of shrapnel hit my big a$$.
I am moving on.
Tell that man down below.
I am coming there.
and I ain't coming slow.
I am Moving on

sittin in my foxhole
i thought i had it made
when all of a sudden
my buddy yelled GRENADE

WAAC Cadence:
Your left, Your Left, Your left right left
I left my husband way out West
I thought this Army life was best
Now he's found him another wife
And I'm in the Army the rest of my life
Sound off, 1 2, Sound off, 1 2
Cadence Count, 1 2 3 4, 1-2, 3-4

sound off !!!:
Sound off, one,two,sound off three, four, cadence count,one,two three four, one two ,three four . You had a good home,but you left your right,right by the telephone, your right, but you don't give a damn, your right, you work for Uncle Sam,your right,sound off, one,two,three four,one two,three four!

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