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Installing ToughStuff Tailgate Bump Guard

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Posted 20 August 2003 - 09:39 PM

Tailgate Bump Guard

Posted Image

Installing the Stainless Steel Tailgate Bump Guard is really a no brainer. This can almost be done without any instructions at all accept for a few notes.

When I removed the Bump Guard from the box my first thought was that they sent me the wrong part. This one was “white” and it was suppose to be Stainless Steel. (I like SS!)

It turned out the “white” was a protective covering that was so well attached to the Bump Guard that it looked like power coat paint! (Another blonde day on my part.)

The Bump Guard simply presses and sticks in place right on top of the painted bump at the edge of the Jeep tailgate opening.

The Stainless Steel Bump Guard is a “U-Shaped Channel”.

When you look at the edge of the Bump Guard Channel you can see that one leg is not quite bent into a 90-degree angle. This edge goes toward the front (inside) of the Jeep. (The 90-degree leg goes toward the back (outside) of the Jeep.)

Here is a picture.

Posted Image

On the inside of the u-channel there is a blue tape, which covers the adhesive used to attaché the Bump Guard to your Jeep.

Simply pull an inch or so of this blue adhesive covering off and place the Bump Guard in place on the Jeep.

Then pull the remainder of the blue adhesive cover off and press the Bump Guard down so the adhesive sticks.

Posted Image

All that is left is to pull the “white” protective cover off the Bump Guard and the installation is complete.

Posted Image

All in all folks I have installed four of the new Tough Stuff Products. I like them all but I am particularly happy with the Fender Protectors and the Rear Tailgate Bump Guard.

I have a set of Rear Corner Protectors and Rocker Guard Protectors on their way. If I find anything unique to their installation I will be sure to share that info on this thread.

Have a great night folks.


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