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Installing ToughStuff Tailgate Protector

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Posted 19 August 2003 - 10:47 PM

Tailgate Sill Protector

Posted Image

General Instructions

Rather then be very redundant folks, please take a look at the previous general instructions I put up on this thread. Clean everything well, and do not install these paint protector products when it is too hot or too cold. Please be sure to read the General Instructions at the front of this thread. Thanks.

Tools I Used

Here’s a list of the tools I used or had handy for this installation.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Paper Towels
Yard Stick (Straight Edge)
Masking Tape

Detailed Instructions:

Step 1 – Cleaning / Surface Preparation

Thoroughly clean both the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the Tailgate Sill located below the rear door.

Use a generous amount of rubbing alcohol and clean paper towels each time (rub hard). Allow the alcohol to air dry on the Tailgate Sill.

Please Note: The Tailgate Sill Protector covers the Vertical area under the rear door and the Horizontal area inside the rear door jam. Both surfaces must be cleaned well.

Posted Image

Step 2 – Installation

I did not have to trim the Sill Protector in any way to fit my TJ, however I did decide to pre-form or bend the Protector before installing it.

I used a yardstick as a straight edge and place it on the backside of the Sill Protector ½-inch from the long edge.

Posted Image

Then I formed the edge of the Sill Protector up to form an angle close to 90 degrees. This angle does not have to be a perfect, but do take care to make the bend in a straight line across the entire protector.

Posted Image

Place the Tailgate Sill Protector on the Tailgate Sill and position it where you want it. Pay particular attention to the area where the protector bends into the rear door jam.

Securely tape the Tailgate Sill Protector in the proper location using masking tape. Make sure there are no voids under the Protector.

Posted Image

Double-check the location and reposition as needed.

I removed the masking tape and backing paper from the right side of the Protector, leaving the left side taped in place. (This kept the Protector properly located where I wanted it.)

Posted Image

I carefully set the Sill Protector onto the sill at the “Edge of the Bend”. This created a perfect alignment.

Posted Image

Then I removed the masking tape and carefully peeled the adhesive backing paper off the left side of the protector.

Posted Image

Continue to lay the left side of the Protector down along the bent edge onto the Tailgate.

When I was satisfied with the alignment I pressed the short ½-inch (horizontal) section down with my fingertips working from the center-to-right and center-to-left.

Posted Image

Then I worked the vertical surface of the protector down against the Sill using the backside of my finger to work out any air pockets.

Posted Image

Finally I used the Tailgate Sill Protector Backing Paper and rubbed down the enter Sill Protector to make sure it would stick.

Posted Image

Rub from the center of the Protector out toward the edges. This will help eliminate air pockets.

I did have one small air pocket I had to get rid of. Using a utility knife I put a small cut in the material by the bubble. This allowed me to press the air out and seal the material back down.

All in all this was a very easy installation, no cutting, trimming or alignment problems. And the Sill Protector is now covering up more then a few scratches I had there.


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