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chrysler warranties

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Posted 16 May 2011 - 08:10 PM

Good day,just wondering how warranties are in other it sucks.i went to a local jeep dealer for chips in my spider gears.dealers around here now gotta send pictures to chrysler canada before approval.picture of 1-v.i.n. number,2-odometer,3-what is broken,4-full picture of soon as chrysler saw my jeep they refused the work and put a full restriction on my jeep,wich meens everywhere i go to get work done they gotta call chrysler first for autorisation.what to do????i even have a extended warranty that i don`t even think they will refund.any ideas anyone???thank you

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Posted 17 May 2011 - 07:43 AM

Good to see a Jeeper from Quebec. :ya:

Not sure how it is up in your area but in the States we have the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act passed by Congress. You might have to do a bit of research because I've seen similar laws apply to Canada as well.

Below is a copy of what I had posted on another thread that might help you.

The general rule is that…"in order for a warranty to be in jeopardy, the items installed must actually pose a clear threat to systems on the vehicle, or have done actual damage to it. Unfortunately, some dealers will look for any excuse to void a warranty because it saves them money and brings in more profits. They count on consumer ignorance regarding warranty law to pressure their customers into either buying parts from them, or not installing performance items at all. If you are having a problem with warranty issues, or are concerned about potential problems, here is a list of things you can do to protect yourself and keep your warranty in place.

1. Voiding warranties can violate the law. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act passed by Congress states that a manufacturer may not require the use of any brand of aftermarket accessory unless the manufacturer provides the item free of charge. So if, for example, your dealer tells you that installing a K&N Filter will void the warranty, he must provide filters free of charge. If he does not, then he is in violation of the law. This goes for your "Body Lift" that most dealerships are doing.

2. Ask the dealer to put it in writing. If your dealer does threaten to void a warranty, ask him to put it in writing and have it notarized so you can show it either to the OEM's zone service manager or to the manufacturer directly. That generally stops the service manager in his tracks.

3. There are trade groups that will help out in "warranty warfare". Carl Sheffer, vice president of OEM relations for SEMA (specialty Equipment Market Assoc.) often works on behalf of after market firms who have difficulties with the OEM's. SEMA can provide a pamphlet that explains why denial of warranty service by dealerships is illegal. There are also other trade organizations for specific product lines that can help. SEMA can usually give you some pretty good contacts if you need additional help. (

4. It is not up to the local dealership to decide whether or not a vehicle's warranty will be voided. Regardless of what your dealer tries to tell you, it is the manufacturer's warranty and up to the manufacturer to make the determination. The good news is that most OEM's back up after market manufacturers unless there is justifiable cause for voiding the warranty.

Keep in mind that the dealer does NOT have to warranty any after market items you install, regardless of why they fail. Also, if an after market item you install causes failure to an OEM item, the dealer will not warranty that either. For example, if you install an air filter from company XYZ on your turbo charged diesel, and the filter assembly comes apart and is sucked into the turbo, the dealer will not warranty the turbo because it failed as a direct result of the filter malfunction.

By and large, most dealerships want to take care of their customers so they will remain loyal. They are obviously not interested in driving away customers. However, if a dealer is threatening to pull your warranty keep all these things stated in mind.

Here it is in a nutshell:

One thing that holds people back from modifying their Jeep is the concern over loosing warranty coverage from their dealer. Although a dealer will not (and should not) cover an after market part, or a failure of a factory part due to an after market part, they cannot void your vehicle warranty in total because of a simple modification like a lift or bigger tires. This federal protection is commonly known as the "Magnuson Moss Act".

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302©)

This federal law regulates warranties for the protection of consumers. The essence of the law concerning aftermarket auto parts is that a vehicle manufacturer may not condition a written or implied warranty o­n the consumers using parts or services which are identified by brand, trade, or corporate name (such as the vehicle maker's brand) unless the parts or service are provided free of charge. The law means that the use of an aftermarket part alone is not cause for denying the warranty. However, the law's protection does not extend to aftermarket parts in situations where such parts actually caused the damage being claimed under the warranty. Further, consumers are advised to be aware of any specific terms or conditions stated in the warranty which may result in its being voided.

Basically, a vehicle manufacturer or dealer representative may not refuse warranty repairs merely because aftermarket parts have been installed on the vehicle. The o­nly circumstance under which the vehicle manufacturer can void the emissions warranties is if an aftermarket part is responsible for (causes) the warranty claim.

So for an example, a dealer may not refuse the warranty repair of a fuel pump because you have put a lift o­n the vehicle.

From your explanation I just think someone made a judgement call, you were too kind, I would not have left (unless the cops came to throw me out) until I spoke with a manager or owner of dealership.

Btw, if they tell you that you took the vehicle off road.... helllloooooo. Yes you went fishing and it's an off road vehicle is it not, have they looked at their commercials lately? Your situation even goes another step in your favor is that they themselves modified the vehicle. Even if they did not they would have to prove that your modifications caused the damage, the burden is on them.

You might want to find a more friendly dealer to avoid the hassle.

Hope all of this helps and gives you some ammunition.

You might want to read this older topic.
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Posted 23 May 2011 - 10:37 AM

thank you for the info,i did talk to the owner,and what i understood from him and other dealers in our area is that is all chrysler canada putting pressure on the dealers,because of allot of abuse during the past he right by saying that or just b.s. i have no soon as i have time i am going to see a lawyer to get a letter written to chrysler with a petition of jeep owners from around this area.we will see how that goes.thanks again.

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