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Recalculate Digital Speedo

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Posted 02 January 2009 - 10:01 PM

If you have a gear driven speed-o-meter this doesn't pertain to you. However if you have a tone wheel in your t-case, like that of a Rubicon or on some after market SS SYE kits, than this may be of some help.

So in your tone-wheeled jeep with larger tires and different diff gears this is important so you know how fast or slow you are going and how many miles you are racking up. You do have other options like the items from other MFG but were are here to get things done w/out the cost, or you can buy the SGI-5 from Dakota Digital for about $80 from places like Summit.

Time for the install.
1) Pick a good location to mount the box. you will want some place that is safe from attack by water and other elements but that is also easily accessible to adjust the calibration at a moments notice. Glove box works well.

Posted Image

2) Find a place to tap 12V+ when the key is in the on position. Power port on some Jeeps.
3) Find a good ground for the unit. This wire shall go in the "ground" port
4) Run the wires for your input and output terminals. Good speaker wire maybe a choice as there needs to be a wire going from, and to the speed sensor and this just keeps the wire running to a minimal.
5) This is the no turning back point. Cut the signal wire (You may want to chose to cut it on the vehicle side of the wiring harness) and leave enough room for a butt connector on each side of the cut (the signal wire on this application was the tan/brown wire. This may not be true for all sensors).

Posted Image

Strip both ends of the wire and get them ready for the butt connector. Now take one side of the speaker wire from step 4 and splice it to the pre stripped end of the signal wire. Take the other side of the speaker wire and splice it to the other pre-stripped end of the signal wire hanging from the Jeep. Basically what we have done here is add a long piece of wire to the signal wire.

NOTE: You will want to know which side of the speaker wire is attached to the sensor, and which side is attached to the computer.

Posted Image

6) Go back to the SGI module and attach the wires. You will want to use input for the piece of wire attached to the sensor and for the wire connected to the computer side, use output 3.

NOTE: This should hold true to all Jeeps and Chrysler vehicles but don't hold me to that.

7) Set the 4 small white switches to:
Switch 1 on
Switch 2 off
Switch 3 on
Switch 4 off

8) At this time the installation is complete.

Start the Jeep and drive it. If the little green light blinks as you roll all is well, this means the signal is running through the little black box and back out to the Jeep. Another good sign is the speedometer is giving feedback.

If all is well it is time to calibrate the it. To do this however you like as long as it is safe. Use a friend with a GPS and start the checking the calibration. Be aware that there is some lag between the GPS and the speedometer. It is best to do the calibration on long flat roads with no stops.

Posted Image

Push the up and down buttons accordingly until the display reads the correct speed.

Note: These modifications may or may not void your warranty on your vehicle and you are responsible for the correct tuning and speed your vehicle is traveling. This is just information to read.
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