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Daystar Bracket/Bushing Tip

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Posted 27 January 2008 - 04:39 PM

When swapping out your stock CJ sway-bar bushings with the Daystar Sway-bar Bushings, here's a Tip - Use the CJ bracket!

Here's why...

Posted Image

First off, upgrading your sway bar bushings from the old stock rubber bushings to newer polyurethane bushings is a good idea. Generally, the old rubber is worn out and soft, offering little effective anti-sway on the road. But if you own a CJ and you are about to or have already replaced the old bushings with the Daystar replacement, then you might want to read this tip.

After a couple of years of off roading the bushing brackets had warped and bent.
Posted Image

You could probably take a hammer to them and flatten them out again, but chances are they would just bend again. With the original brackets still around & closer inspection of the factory CJ-7 brackets, I realized that the CJ's brackets were thicker material. Putting a micrometer to each bracket, I got .11 inch on the Daystar bracket and .16 inch on the stock CJ-7 bracket. Additionally, the Daystar bracket had an oblong hole on both sides, where as the CJ had a smaller oblong hole on just one site and a single circle hole on the other. Obviously the Daystar is oblong to accommodate a variety of dimensions but the holes had apparently made the bracket just that much more weaker.

Posted Image Posted Image
CJ bracket - .161 inch======== Daystar bracket - .118 inch

So, the tip is use the CJ-7 sway-bar bracket along with the Daystar polyurethane bushing. I'm much more confident that the CJ brackets can withstand a little pounding as where the Daystar brackets just couldn't take it. It's a good thing I kept the old parts.

Posted Image Posted Image
CJ Daystar Bracket==========CJ Sway Bar Bracket w/Poly Bushing
thanks dave

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