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Aftermath Guidelines

Forum Rules

Guidelines For Posting Wheeling Aftermath & Pictures.
When posting Aftermath trail reports or Pictures include Location, & Date on the Subject Title of the Topic.
Keep on topic so that threads do not become hard to follow. We allow some off topic, Moderators will prune off topic postings without notifications.
Only Legal Places to Wheel Topics will be allowed, all others will be deleted without notification.

Below are some Guidelines:

1. Any Member on JT can post any picture they wish of any area that they wheel in period.

2. If an area is Private Land you can mention this. No disclosure is necessary if you do not wish to do so. Invitations to Private land are done all the time.

3. If an area is consider Illegal to wheel in, and there is no disclosure of the area name, we have no way of knowning this as it can be consider private land and it will be acceptable and the post or topic will not be deleted.

4. If an area is consider Illegal to wheel in and someone makes mention of the area, than the topic can be deleted if it was the topic starter. If it is a post within a topic, than the post itself can be deleted but not the entire topic. Postings of insinuations of an Illegal area to wheel can go either way. We leave this to the discretion of the Moderator for editing or deleting only the post (not entire topic), or topic if it was the topic starter.

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