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Guidelines & Behavior on JeepTalk:

We keep your email private. When other registered members wish to email you, they will not see your email, only when you reply. You may also Private Message. If you post your email address or phone number in a post you will do so at your own risk. Member accounts at no time shall be shared or given to another user.

In order to make JeepTalk more productive we are requiring that you enter your LOCATION, city and state. If you are not from the US, enter your city and country. Do not enter your personal physical address. Members reading the Forums will be able to see poster location allowing to ask for help if he/she is from such location or traveling to your area. No Member may have more than one user name, or post under another user's name on JeepTalk.

Edit your user "My Controls" by entering & keeping your LOCATION & Email address up to date. A good idea is to check the box that states to receive updates form the Administrator. We don't send out many if at all, you want to be kept informed on the happening of YOUR JT Forum along with receiving email notification of messages from other JT Members.

This is a family forum so we do not allow any profanity, offensive or pornographic material in the public areas of JeepTalk. If you wish to use abbreviations, you are welcome to do so as long as they can not be directly interpreted. If you have a problem w/ a member on this board, notify the moderators, keep the problem off the public board. Use PM's, e-mail, or call each other. We hate being a baby sitter.

All forums are labeled with brief explanations explaining the type of topics that should be posted under that forum, please take time to read them. When you create a topic in any forum, the Subject must be short & to the point. Subject title "MUST" indicate what your Thread will be about. We do not allow subjects such as "help, or I need something". Typing in All Capital Letters in the Subject title or in the Body of a Post is consider yelling on the Internet and not permitted. A word or two to make a point is acceptable. Do not split topics that have already been previously started with the same discussion, stay within the original topic.

We ask that you try to remain on topic at all times. This will avoid threads becoming too long and information harder to track because of the useless banter. We don't mind having fun and allowing a bit of this, if it becomes out of hand we will clean up and delete all that does not pertain. A Topic Starter may request to have his/her topic deleted for whatever reason by contacting the Moderating Team. Topic Bumping will only be allowed once a month.

No Moderator or Administrator will ever change your Avatar or Signature settings without first notifying the JeepTalk member (pornographic content & Red Xs are automatically removed without notification). A Moderator or Administrator will move (wrong section), change a thread title (to make it more informative), delete (if inappropriate), modify content (if inappropriate) on any thread without notifying the JeepTalk member. Most of the time there is a note placed on the post, the "moved" note on the thread title, or a private message sent explaining what was done. However, it is not mandatory that they do so as this can become time consuming.

Advertising, Logos, Banners on your personal Signature.
Banners on Signatures: They must be no larger than 100x80 or 180x60, anything larger than this becomes overwhelming and distracting on every post.
Quotes & Links of Signatures: Must not be larger than a total of 4 lines.
No for sale items, ads, vendor specials, flashing, flying or large fonts are allowed on your signature.

Inserting pictures inside a post: No larger than 800x600 or they will be deleted or converted into URL Links. Thumbnails no more than 3 across.

Private Messages: Jeep Talk member may PM block another member from receiving private messages. PM blocks will not be allowed to be placed on a Moderator or Administrator of Jeep Talk.

Copyright Material in a Post:
We do not sensor your ideas, topic or voices as long as they fall within the establish guidelines.
In certain cases a Moderator "may interject" by removing "and" or editing a post that is blatantly obvious Copyright material. We also ask your help in policing this as this can become a problem for JeepTalk. There are many articles, pictures, etc that are copied (especially for Jeep), most are acceptable and there is so many that there "usually" is never a problem unless a statement is made to the fact by the originator. We do not care about these, it is the obvious ones that "can" present a problem "to" JeepTalk & Associates".

You will see a Live Chat link on the upper right hand of every page of JeepTalk.
JeepTalk Chat Room use is for Register Members of JT. Guidelines are the same. Once you click on the connect button it will take a few seconds to get connected. There are no pop ups, spy, or advertisement of any kind. Member must use their JeepTalk name & Password. This procedure will save the the screen look and feel for future use. Feel free to use it and meet any time you wish.

Continue your on going fun and we appreciate all your past and present support.

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