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Help Topic: Posting Videos

Many members like to post videos. Most copy the URL address video link on the post.

There is an easier way that you can actually post and play the window of the video right on the post. Members can view the video without navigating to another site and stay right on the topic.

We wrote a BBCode (explanation to follow) and have a video Icon for the most popular free video hosting services allowing all JeepTalk Members to be able to Post Video right inside the Post. All a Guest or JT Member has to do is click on it to play the video.

There will be a BBCode for each of the following:
YouTube, Windows Media Player, Flickr as well as some of the other popular ones.

1. Click to write a new post as usual.
2. Write your post as you normally would, when you are ready to post the video you will see an "Other Styles or Quick Access" drop down box to the left above of the posting screen.

3. On the drop down box you will see the BBcodes, choose the one for your format.
YouTube (use the "insert media" icon, not the drop down box).

4. All you have to do is click on the format of the video that you will be posting and a new box will pop up with Instructions and samples.

5. Here is the most important information:

Follow the instructions when the box opens, look in the support forum for more detail instructions. If you can't find any create a topic with your question on this section.

Click Ok and the code will be placed in the body of your post with all the information. JeepTalk will know how to post the video box and play your video when you finish your post.

For more answers see the Discussion Thread located:
Video Posting vs Using Url Links.

Simple enough. Use the Test Forum to play with this before you go flying.

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