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Help Topic: Posting URL & Linking

As you write a new Post, or reply to a Post, you might need to refer someone to a Link or URL.

Write your reply or new post as usual in the main body box, when you are ready to post the url or referring link, click on the "http://" icon right above the posting box. Another box will appear asking you to enter the address of where your URL or Link is located, do so and click ok (you can also right click and paste if you have it saved to your clipboard). After you click ok, another box will come up asking you for the name of your URL or Link, type any description you want and click ok (you can leave this blank or use a few short words so the whole address does not show up keeping the content of your message clean).

You will see that it will automatically will have transferred the code to the body of the post, you can continue to type if you wish, or preview before you post the message. If it comes out fine on the preview, than click the post icon box, if it does not, your doing something wrong. Hope this helps.


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