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Help Topic: Posting Pictures

Please try to post or show a pic that has been saved 800x600 or vs versa (smaller is fine if you like, but no bigger). In this manner they will show up on the post as a decent size and the viewer will not have to scroll left or right throughout the entire thread looking at the other posted replies.

There is a free program that allows you to do this very easily discussed here:

You need to house the pic in your server or isp (internet service provider), they usually provide around 10megs of space and you can upload to it through an ftp program or internet explorer. Call your customer support and they will show you how. Ask them to show you how to find the physical address of the pic you just uploaded that will show in the address bar of Internet Explorer. Highlight the URL in the address bar, right click and choose copy to save it to the clipboard.

Some of you use internet free upload for pictures, we recommend:
Free, good bandwidth (sometimes). Eventually you will lose the pics after a while but as a free service it is one of the few that have good bandwidth. The problem with the free services is that sometimes (depending on times viewed) you will see a red X on your picture because they will limit your bandwidth viewing.

Posting a pic on JeepTalk is simple. Write what you want on the post, find the url address(keep in mind the 800x600 max size) where the pic is housed take IE, find the pic on website or album, hover over the pic, right click, properties, highlight and copy the address, paste it on the post using IMG icon tab on JT. Make sure you get the address of the pic itself which should end with a .jpg .gif etc. If you get an address without ending in the listed file format, than that is what will show up and will not be good.

After you enter the information you will see that it will automatically transfer the code to the body of the post. Do a preview before you post the message, if it comes out fine than click the post box, if it does not, your doing something wrong. Use Test Forum see how your picture posting, signature, etc come out.

There is another option that JeepTalk Members might wish to consider. Your own JeepTalk personal Album Gallery. This is not like other web albums that have codes, popping ads all over the place. Members will be able to upload pictures, avatars, movies, etc. Link them anywhere (always have bandwidth), create albums, have slide shows and much more. The best part is that you don't have to worry about resizing as you upload the pictures, it will do it automatically for you. Since this requires upload space on the server, there will be a reasonable minimal yearly charge. See the Support Forum, or click on the subscription tab on the top of each page for your very own personal Gallery. Check out other Members who have the JeepTalk Gallery helping to support the site as well.

Keep in mind that if you link pictures with outside URLs (or free albums), these links will eventually get old or could run out of bandwidth. What will happen is that when a member if viewing a post, the pictures will not show with important information. This is important especially on any build up or write up you are doing.

Be sure to test in the "Test Forum". Practice there, see how they show up. You will be able to test your personal signatures as well.

Enjoy the fun,


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